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Hier op Voorne Putten Magazin
The new Voorne Putten Magazine is online, check it out. Nice impressions from this beautiful spot. Link to online version.

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Kite Camp in NL

Learning to kitesurf is easy and anyone who feels physically fit and is not afraid of water can learn to kite relatively quickly. You will hardly experience the indescribable feeling of gliding over the water with a kite and the power of the wind in any other sport. Sun and salt water on your skin, the wind on your face, the sand between your toes and the view of the sea make our sport so incomparably beautiful. In our kite school in South Holland we offer kitesurf camps and kitesurf courses for all age groups. In the kitecamp you will learn the basics of kiting in one week and have already completed the first few meters on the kiteboard.

Sun and wind, waves and life on the beach, kiting into the sunset, that’s our passion – and that’s what we want from LearnKiteboardingNow! ignite in you. Go out on the water with us, spend the day in the fresh air, make new contacts in our kite camp and experience the fascination of kiting.