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Easy to learn without expeririences


Carts with different sail sizes

for up to 25 people


Chillout Area on the beach

Exclusive beach ambience with cool drinks



And more beach activities


Beach volleyball, campfire & BBQ on the beach

The possibilities are endless

Are you looking for a thrilling beach activity in a team?

Then you have come to the right place with sand sailing in Holland to experience an unforgettable day. Sand yachting is a spectacular and challenging activity that uses the power of the wind to get across the beach as quickly as possible. During sand yachting, you drive over the beach with a blokart, equipped with a kind of windsurf sail but larger.

Sand sailing is an activity that is suitable for everyone and can be learned very quickly. Sailing experience is not necessary for this.

Enjoyment shouldn’t be neglected either! We are building an exclusive and fantastic chill-out area for you right on the beach. While some are whizzing across the sand with the sand yachts, others can relax in fat boys and lounge chairs with cool drinks and good conversation.

For even more active moments, there is a beach volleyball field and various “beach toys” from boules to archery.

We take over the individual overall conception and implementation and the support by qualified, experienced staff.

Off to Holland!

  • Can be optimally combined with an overnight stay in a hotel and an evening event
  • For all ages
  • As a staff outing
  • As an outdoor event with educational content
  • To strengthen motivation and loyalty to the company
  • To create a corporate culture
  • As a supporting program for intensive communication
  • To experience and get to know a new environment