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Private kite course

This kitesurfing course is primarily suitable as an advanced course for advanced kiters, or for repeaters who want to refresh their kiting skills again to get rid of the last uncertainties. As a beginner and climber you can also book this course if you have previous experience with power kites.
If you are more advanced and have already completed an introductory course, you can build on the skills you have already learned in this course. When the kite control is there, the first attempts to take off are made up to the first few meters on the kiteboard.
As a refresher course, you can deepen your skills.

All kitesurfing equipment is of course included in the price, i.e. kite, bar, board, wetsuit, trapeze and leash and can still be used by you for the rest of the day after the lesson.

  • For advanced kiters and refreshers
  • Personal care
  • Intensive learning
  • Flexible start times
  • Flexible course duration (2-4 hours) can be booked
The rental equipment is uninsured, the renter is liable for damage, loss and theft.
We recommend that you take out VDWS liability and comprehensive rental insurance specifically for kiters.
All information about the VDWS safety tool here.

Course schedule

We meet at the station at the Ketjil campsite. Here you get a wetsuit and a harness incl. Safetyleash. Then we make our way to the beach where, after a short theoretical introduction, we start with practical exercises. Your lesson time starts when you arrive at the beach!

In one-to-one lessons, the course of the course is based on your skills and needs in order to achieve your learning goal as quickly and safely as possible. We improve your kite control, your body posture while riding and the edging of the board, show you how to ride height and master the first jumps with kite support. After the private lessons, you can continue practicing with the material for the rest of the day, which is of course included in the price.

Need accommodation?

Would you like to stay overnight and sleep with us in the camp and review the day with the other participants in the evening? Or stay with your family in a hotel or B&B? Then take a look at the different options.

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Bookable services

VDWS license including theory seminar

39 €

VDWS Safety Tool insurance

39 € / Annual fee
Registration see: VDWS Website
Partnercode VC15742XW

VDWS license and level system

VDWS Lizenz Kiteboarding
Step allocation of the VDWS kiteboarding license

Level 1:
General safety, take-off preparation, take-off exercises, first flight exercises, body drag
Level 2:
Bodydrag, water start of the kite
Level 3:
Water start, at least 50 meters driven

Recognize technical terms, avoidance rules, nature conservation, dangers

Level 4:
crossing wind, steer, maintain altitude, base jibe
Level 5:
ride upwind

Level 6:
Basc jumps and skim jibe or Transition Jump
Level 7:
Rotations or Kiteloop, Grabs, One Foot, Board off or Railey