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Hydrofoil kite course for experienced kiters

Kiting almost without wind, that is the new megatrend. For experienced kiters from at least VDWS level 5 we offer hydrofoil kite courses as private lessons.
The course is aimed at kiters who are confident in handling kites and boards. Relaunching the kite with little wind requires a little experience, as does the entire handling of the board in the water in wind conditions in which the kite just stays in the air. That’s what makes kite foiling so fascinating. Once you stand on the board and lift yourself out of the water over the wing, you float almost without resistance and noiselessly over the water.

Course of the course

The course takes place from around 8 knots to around 15 knots of wind speed. Experience has shown that in the beginning it is easier when you have a few knots more wind, because you don’t have to concentrate too much on the kite control. We will drive you to a spot with a light onshore wind and sufficient water depth. After setting up the kite, we will explain the most important points in handling the hydrofoil board. Kite, bar, foil board and safety equipment consisting of neoprene, trapeze, leash, impact vest and helmet are included in the course. Of course, you can also use your own material in the course. After putting on the safety equipment, you are ready to go. Your instructor will help you with handling on land and into the water. After the body drag away from the bank, you can make your first attempts to start with the hydrofoil. The first few attempts will remind you of your time as a kite beginner – start, fall, realign, take a deep breath and start all over again.

After a few attempts, short breaks on the beach and tips and instructions from your kite instructor, you get on the board and out of the water and experience the first feeling of floating. Your instructor will keep an eye on you throughout the course and analyze and correct your skills.

Hydrofoil course 4 hoursSchweben ab 8 Knoten


One-to-one lessonsHydrofoil kite course
incl. Kite, Bar, Foil-Board
Safety equipment
(Neoprene, Harness, Leash,
Impactvest andHelmet)


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