Kite and Yoga Week

Action & Relaxation

Kite & Yoga Week

A week full of power, sea, wind and relaxation: Kitesurfing meets Yoga!
For the second time we offer this fantastic camp!

Experience in our Kite & Yoga Week, what yoga in its different forms, from sporty to meditative, has in store for you. Feel on the kiteboard how much you benefit from daily yoga practice. You feel your body more differentiated and better coordinated to take on the challenges of kiting. You make faster progress. Your core stability is increased and you stand more stable on the board. After kiting, yoga helps you to relax and effectively regenerate the stressed muscles. So you will be quickly fit again for the next day!

Become more flexible, stronger and more competent in body and mind and sign up now! We are looking forward to meeting you!

10.7. - 16.7.2022 Book

Highlights of the week:

Accommodation and meals:

  • 6 nights in our deluxe two-man tents with real beds
  • meals also vegetarian: breakfast, lunch bags (can be made at breakfast) and dinner
  • Come together and briefing on the day of arrival
  • Heated lounge with fireplace


  • Monday through Friday one yoga session of 30 minutes each before breakfast to start the day and one longer yoga session of 60 to 80 minutes before dinner or in the afternoon, depending on wind and weather.
  • Among them a SUP yoga session (depending on the weather).
  • On Saturday last yoga session in the morning, afterwards departure or kiting.


  • 8 hours of training, divided into 2 days
  • 2 hours theory seminar incl. exam for VDWS Kiteboarding license
  • VDWS Kiteboarding license included
  • 3 days of free practice in teams of two
  • Complete equipment included all 5 days
  • Kite training according to VDWS standard
  • Maximum of 4 students per instructor
  • Beginner and advanced training
  • For not feasible content (due to lack of wind or other weather conditions) you will get a voucher, so that you can make up the remaining material days at any time and thus no services will be lost!

Where do I live?

You will live in our camp in comfortable two-man tents with real beds Here you also have a power connection for charging your smartphone and a reading lamp. You can find impressions here.

What does the catering look like?

In the morning we offer you a rich breakfast buffet with delicious hot tea and coffee in our cozy lounge. You can compose your own packed lunch from the breakfast buffet.

In the evening we will either start the grill, cook or fire up the pizza oven. All this happens with a little help from you. We will divide you into kitchen teams, which will support our kitchen fairy.

Where do the yoga sessions take place?

We like to be outside in the dunes, on the meadows around the campsite or on the beach whenever the weather permits it. But we also have a wonderful room 800 meters from the campsite where we can practice regardless of the weather or for more intense sessions. The room is located in the Tenellaplas Visitor Center right in the dune sanctuary, which in addition to our practice space also has an interesting exhibit about life in the dunes and surrounding beaches.

Do I need to have yoga experience?

No. You are welcome as a complete beginner! If you have been practicing for a while, that’s wonderful too! We take into account the individual needs of the group and offer variations of yoga postures according to your needs.

What is Yoga?
Yoga means the path to unity. It is originally a purely spiritual way to reach enlightenment through meditation. Breathing techniques and postures (asanas) are tools for meditation.

Today, body-oriented yoga is in the foreground and picks us head people up where we are.

Yoga today knows a wealth of styles. Some are physically very active and demanding, others focus on very correct execution of the postures, some want to bring especially the energy in the body to flow or the focus is on long postures with many relaxation phases.

Susi and Caro, offer you two yoga styles: Vinyasa and Hartha.

Vinyasa yoga means that breath flow and movements are in harmony. This means that Vinyasa Yoga is more moving and that many asanas are strung together for a certain sequence. You get into a flow, are physically challenged and sometimes forget about time and space.

Hartha Yoga, on the other hand, focuses on a more or less fixed sequence of postures held a little longer and separated by short periods of relaxation or mindfulness. It trains you excellently to relax in challenging asanas. Special emphasis is placed on breathing exercises at the beginning and a longer relaxation phase at the end of the session.

How do the yoga units work?

The breathing exercises at the beginning of each yoga session have the goal of forgetting everyday life and coming to rest. This is followed by the sun salutation, a series of holdings consisting of several coordinated asanas that are performed dynamically in rhythm with the breath. The sun salutation stimulates the cardiovascular system, mobilizes the joints and warms up the muscles. Other asanas follow, such as the Warrior, which strengthens the leg, shoulder and back muscles and promotes balance. Each asana addresses different muscle groups so that the entire body is trained. We pay special attention to the muscle groups that are particularly stressed in kitesurfing (e.g. core stability). The class ends with deep relaxation exercises that will leave you feeling rested, clear and fresh.

In the morning and afternoon, the focus of the yoga sessions will vary. So in the morning we will have a shorter activating session to get us fit for the day on the kite. In the evening we will focus on strengthening, stretching, relaxation and centering.

And once you can test your balance with our SUP Yoga session!

SUP (Stand Up Paddle) Yoga:

Once a week we go to the Brielse Meer, an inland lake not far from our camp, for yoga with the SUPs. We start with a short introduction to Stand Up Paddling. ow do I hold the paddle, how do I turn right and left and how do I keep my balance? Once you are safely on the board, we enjoy paddling along the shore. At our “yoga spot” we will tie up the SUPs. Who stays on the board with all the balance postures? And who can relax well on the shallow rocking SUP? Find out yourself!

Isn’t kitesurfing your thing?

You are welcome even if kitesurfing doesn’t knock you off your feet and you prefer to leave this to your partner or friends! Yoga Only is also possible, of course! If you want to experience other things besides relaxation in our camp or on the beach, then look what is possible in our area.

Do you already know how to kitesurf?

You can already kite and do not want to book a kite course but still go on the water with the group and participate in yoga, then the Yoga Only tariff applies to you!
If you still want to rent kite material, you can find the tariffs here in our equipment pool.


Yoga Instructor

Susi is a sports scientist and has been a health sports instructor for over 20 years. In 2008 she completed a Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Oregon, USA and last year finished the training in Yoga Therapy in Munich (Patrick Broom). Due to her work as a rehabilitation sports trainer and her profound knowledge in anatomy, precise alignment and correct alingnment are key pillar of her practice. As a windsurfer and rising kiter and outdoor athlete, her lessons are characterized by powerful sequences, intensity and a lot of humor. She lives with her family in the Bavarian Oberland and runs a yoga school in Benediktbeuren.


Yoga Instructor

Caro is also a sports scientist, loves to kite on the water, loves life at the beach and with her family. She works in the field of corporate health management and is responsible for yoga and administration at the kite school.<br>
She came in contact with yoga 11 years ago on her long journey, among others to India, where she spent some weeks in ashrams. This is where her enthusiasm for yoga and meditation was born. She is currently following a two-year yoga teachers training course in Rotterdam.<br>
Her yoga classes are about clear awareness in the asanas, which makes them held a bit longer. Breathing and relaxation also play a big role, because at the end of each class you feel whole and arrived.