Liquid Force NV V8 2018 10,5m

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Aus unserem Materialpool. 15 cm langer Riss im Tuch, linke Seite (siehe Fotos). Wurde mit Kitefix geklebt. Sollte mal genäht werden. Davon abgesehen in gutem Zustand.

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For 2018 not only was the name changed, but also the general design of the kite! Liquid Force NV is a sign of reliability, fun and safety. For this new season, the profiles of the Tip have been changed at the NV in order to make the kite more stable and make it more direct as a response in the bar. These improvements on the geometry of the kite make the rider focus much more on navigation and less on the wing; you no longer have to worry about what you have over your head, it will always follow you! Other improvements have been made in the use with light wind, the kite tends to stall much less in the air, moving more smoothly in its window, this is given by the fact that for 2018 the Leading Edge, already reduced in the year just passed, it was slightly rotated. At the NV 2018 the bridle system was changed, no longer traditional but with a V-shaped exchange, so the bridles no longer start directly from the kite, but start already bifurcated and then end up united creating a more stable connection between the kite and leading by minimizing vibrations and making the kite more direct to the controls. As construction is now known, I am at the TOP !! TEJIN construction, high density structure with super-resistant polyester thread, triple dacron for a longer duration to UV rays, salt water …; LAYERED FRAME, that is the addition of dacron in the points where the sail undergoes the most stress; TENSION TRAILING EDGE, The trailing edge has been reinforced with dacron panels with an asymmetrical seam that prevent the kite from flickering and make the sail not tear at that point; SYNERGY STRUTS, more rigid material to give more kite response; BLADDER IN TPU 0.1MM.