North Pulse 10m


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North Pulse 2020

Freestyle / Wakestyle


Unhooked performance
Bridled Hybrid-C design with balanced line slack for handle passes and unhooking.

FlexPulse structure
Upright design ensures twist from the steering lines runs deeper into the canopy for powerful turns and fast, responsive steering.

Dynamic edge response
Kite flies forward quickly when checking a rail edge, for unmatched freestyle progression.

Flattened 2 Stage arc design
Enables smooth curved efficient central region of the kite to produce power, with straighter wing tips for more dynamic steering.


Our premier freestyle 3-strut kite will set your heart pumping. Specifically designed for fast, responsive steering, the Pulse is the ultimate in performance freestyle, that will also boost and mega loop with ease. Enhanced impulse slack means landing even the most technical tricks becomes instinctive. Made to excel in strong winds, and overcome whatever Mother Nature can throw at you. Direct and responsive, this kite does exactly what you tell it to.

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