Liquid Force Direct Drive Control System


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Direct Drive Control System

In collaboration with R3 Design, Liquid Force is proud to introduce the Direct Drive control bar. On-the-fly trimming of the kite has never been easier with the bar mounted Sidewinder control knob. This intuitive system adjusts the kite’s power by trimming the rear lines of the kite.



Not only is this system easy for smaller riders to reach, but it offers fast adjustments for everyone. Bump out for de-power and use quarter-turn increments to power back up. This unique system incorporates an ergonomically designed carbon composite bar with easy access to clean and maintain the trim system.


Quick Release Push-away, non-detachable quick release: Simply push away the trim loop to kill all the power in the kite, while one side of this safety system stays attached
Loop Molded Trim Loop with 100% depower: reliable, safe and simple to use
Swivel Manual main line swivel: Below the bar swivel for easy center line twist management
Grip Textured eva grip
Bar Width Standard 52 cm fixed width
Adjustable Stopper Easy to use adjustable stopper allows the rider to adjust depower throw length.  Additionally, the stopper can be set to reduce arm fatigue when riding.
Flying line 300kg flying lines: Highest quality monofilament braided pre-stretched flying lines 20m + 3m extensions
Depower Sidewinder control knob for easy and intuitive hands-on control
High-Y Splitter Front line High Y for adjustable kite turning and bar pressure