kitesurf lesson Duo

from €150

Duo kitesurf course (2 people)
This kitesurfing course can be booked as a beginner or advanced course. As a beginner without previous experience, you will learn how to use the kite in this course.
As a climber who has already completed a beginner’s course, you can build on the skills you have already learned in this course. When the kite control is there, first launch attempts are made up to the first meters on the kiteboard.
As a refresher course you can deepen your skills.

Duo courses start daily, 2 people have to register for this course.
To book, please select a start date, then select the 1-day or 2-day course in the dialog box.

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(*) Redeem voucher (Booking Pass): To redeem a voucher, the voucher must contain at least the value of the course to be booked. For example: with 110 credits you can book a 1-day course. To book a 2-day course with this Booking Pass, you must add 2 individual course days to the shopping cart. For example, select a Saturday course day as a single event (enter your code here) and place it in the shopping cart, and then place a single Sunday course day in the shopping cart again. Your voucher will be deducted at checkout and you only have to pay for the Sunday.

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